Jupiters Travellers 50 percent


We are two riders, taking the slow way around the world, or however far we get, on one bike, our R 1150 GS.  We are meanderers by name and meanderers by nature, with no set route or time limit.  Our intent is to enjoy life on the road, living simply and participating in the everyday life of those people and cultures we come into contact with.
Along the way we plan to utilise our backgrounds in development, disaster management and logistics to link with community-level organisations and offer up our skills, labour, or just our ability to have fun and share stories with their volunteers and in turn to then share those experiences with other organisations and interested people.
Already having a history of working with, volunteering and supporting Red Cross National Societies within Australia, Kenya and Britain we are naturally drawn towards this organisation, but hope to connect with many others along the way.

the story of our journey…